An Awesome DSL Internet Providers Connection by Telecom

When we say DSL it means Digital Subscriber Line.
When we talk about Telecom it means telecommunication and is widely known and used nowadays.
With this DSL and telecom, it will make an awesome connection.
My cousin happens to work in a networking company and he knows a lot in terms of computer.
He wants to set up a DSL internet providers connection by Telecom as a test before their company launches a new application which is DSL internet providers connection by Telecom.
Since DSL is known as the most generating internet providers, it is on the top of the internet providers market in the worldwide.
Because of this, many internet service providers want to test DSL to be able to get more clients.
This is the purpose of my cousin.
Their telecom company is eager to prove that they are the best when it comes to providing internet service.
If the test for DSL internet providers connection by Telecom will work out, it will be a big achievement for them.

They will be the first company that has DSL internet providers connection by Telecom.
I watched my cousin while working for the connection and testing.
In about an hour, he finished the setup.
Then, he checked all the cables and plugs and have the line testing.
After the line testing, he then checks the connection through their company service provider.
He opens some browser and check if internet connection is working.
I am so excited to find out the result! As I look at him while doing the test, I can't figure out his reaction.
He looks at me as if the test failed and I do not know how to react that time.
I want him to be successful on his test for it wi